The Ukrainian National Party (UNP) was formed in the village of Zolotnykyn in the Terebovlyansky district of the Ternopil region in 1961.  The initiator was Yevhen Gogus, a former soldier of SS “Galicia” who had ended up in the division as a 17-year-old, and served 9 years imprisonment, former fighter of UPA (the Ukrainian Resistance Army) Yevstakhiy Hrytyshyn, member of the OUN [Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists] Volodymyr Kulykovsky, as well as Petro Pundyk, Pavlo Palykhata and several others. The organization did not have any long-term plans, although Gogus did prepare a program. Its main objective for the moment was self-education, the expansion of the organization, the search for literature and weapons. They pinned their hopes on a future war when national officers would be needed to take power at local level into their own hands. They did not have time to develop their activities. The Group was uncovered, and on 25-26 July 1962 a court held behind closed doors sentenced Yevhen Gogus to death (the cassation appeal court commuted this to 15 years imprisonment). Y. Hrytyshyn and V. Kulykovsky were each sentenced to 11 years, P. Palykhata – to 6 yers and P. Pundyk – to 5 years.