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Dissident movement in Ukraine



This club was a Ukrainian public cultural organization which began the centre for the young Ukrainian intelligentsia. (the Shestydesyatnyky]. The club appeared at the beginning of 1960 under the auspices of the Kyiv City Committee of the Komsomol. The initial idea of the club was to unite creative young people outside the unions for writers, artists, etc,  because the latter did not promote experimentation.  Within the club there were sections based on “interests”: cinema, theatre, music, the fine arts, literature and others. Les TANYUK was elected president of the club.  The club gradually changed, especially after it was joined by the artists A. HORSKA, L. Semykina, V. Zarektsky, and others, the poet V. SYmonenko, the literature specialists I. DZIUBA, Y. SVERSTYUK, I. SVITLYCHNY, and became a national cultural centre with public and social issues beginning to play a much greater role in the activity of the club (guarding churches, investigating the mass graves of victims of repression in Bykovna and  other areas). In 1962 Lviv saw the appearance of its own CCY ‘Prolisok’ [‘Snowdrop’]. 

Following Khrushchev’s devastating offensive on the intelligentsia in March 1963 [a meeting held in the Kremlin with writers and artists, where Khrushchev’s position was unambiguous: “We are against peaceful coexistence in the area of ideology”] and an analogous assault in Kyiv on 8 April, in 1964 the Klub tvorchoyi molodi was dissolved.

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