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Dissident movement in Ukraine



The Lithuanian Helsinki Group (or in full, the Public Group to Promote the Implementation of the Helsinki Accords in Lithuania – Helsinkio susitarimų vykdymui remti Lietuvos visuomeninė grupė) was the first open human rights group in Lithuania. It was founded on 25 November 1976 following the example and in close contact with the Moscow Helsinki Group. Its founding members were Viktoras LYATKUS, Tomas Ventslova, Father Karolis Hautskas, Vona Lukayuskaute-Poshkene and Eitan Finkelstein.  The authorities sought to stop the activities of the Group and its members were persecuted. In 1981 when only Vona Lukayuskaute-Poshkene remained at liberty, the activities of the Group effectively ceased, to be revived in 1988.



Based on material from  “Memorial”, Moscow

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