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Dissident movement in Ukraine



“VOLYA I BATKIVSCHYNA”  [‘FREEDOM AND THE MOTHERLAND’] was the name of a journal published in Halychyna (Western Ukraine) by the Ukrainian National Front [UNF], from October 1964 to June 1966.  There were 16 issues in all with around 100 typed copies. The initiator of the journal, and the author of most of the articles, was Dmytro KVETSKO, and he, together with Zenoviy KRASIVSKY, edited the journal. The journal included program documents of the UHF, analytical material about the position of Ukraine in the USSR, its national, social and economic problems, a chronicle of events, and some pieces of samvydav [samizdat] material.

Since 1995 a journal with the same name has been published in Ukraine which has reprinted all issues of the publication from 1964-1966. Its chief editor is Ivan HUBKA.

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