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Dissident movement in Ukraine



This was an underground organization which emerged at the end of 1961 in the village of Solukiv, the Dolynsky district of the Ivano-Frankivsk region. Its first name was the “Ukrainian All-National Organization” [UZNO].  The ultimate aim of the organization was to create a Ukrainian Sovereign State. The first leader of UZNO was G. Dindin, later he was replaced by M. Krainyk.   In 1964, under the influence of the Ukrainian National Front [UNF], UZNO adopted the name UNF 2 since the UZNO – UNF-2 saw one of the key conditions in the struggle for independence as being the consolidation of patriotic forces.

The activity of UNF-2 spread over many regions. The Organization distributed literature of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists, OUN, for example: “Who are  Bandera-supporters and what are they fighting for?”, a manuscript journal entitled “Prozrinnya” [“Insight”] (one issue of the journal came out), a number of program documents, such as “Declaration to the Ukrainian people in Ukraine and throughout the world”.  It put out one issue of a manuscript journal “Prozrinnya” [“Insight”]. From 1975 – 1976 it produced four issues of a typed journal until the title “Ukrainsky visnyk” (a different journal to that published by V. CHORNOVIL). 

According to M. Krainyk, the Organization had around 200 members, mainly former members of the OUN and functioned in conditions of strict conspiracy, thanks to which it was never fully discovered by the authorities. It was only in 1979 that M. Krainyk, who had long been under suspicion and persecuted, mainly for his connections with D. KVETSKO and Z. KRASIVSKY, was arrested.

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